Team Training

Sales is like fishing: lots of casting practice and untangling snags.

Doing the things that make you uncomfortable is how we grow. Teach me, show me, do with me. Experiential training, hands on role play and scenario practice is how we learn to execute in the field.

Just because you read the book doesn’t mean you can fly a 747. You can’t learn to ride a bike in a seminar. Hands on experiential role play is how we learn to execute on our feet. This is what I do for you.

From initial outbound phone calls to objection handling and closing. Practice makes perfect with role play scenarios and hands on role play.

As a sales professional I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge via training and been there done that experience. I have developed and honed the consultative questioning and listening skills to understand what your goals and initiatives are. As a trainer, sales leader, scout master and instructor I have learned how to deliver the content most relevant to your needs.

Do the things that make you uncomfortable.

Think outside the box.