Josh Hill

Founder, Principal

Trained in

AAISP Member/Expert Panel
KT Problem Solving Decision Making
SPIN/TCS/TAS/Strategic Selling
Certified Change Manager Acuity Institute

Josh Hill is a sought after leader in B2B sales and training. With more than 25 years of experience, Josh has consulted with a range of clients, including senior and junior sales people in enterprise-level technology firms, such as AT&T and BMC, as well as small start-ups selling technical services and consulting.

Josh’s sales techniques and role-play based training programs are grounded in leading sales methodologies and tested through his years of field sales and consulting experience. His hands-on training helps you learn tactics that are scalable, repeatable, measurable, and focused on rapid increases (up to 100-300%) in pipeline size and quality.

After working with Josh, you’ll learn how to connect with the right people, who are in the right roles, at the right companies. You’ll be more confident, organized, and prepared to pick up the phone and initiate that important first conversation.

When not training or coaching future sales leaders, Josh will be found working hands-on with the Boy Scouts and their parents as the troop committee chairman or teaching geology and leading bird hikes for the Indiana master naturalist program. Relaxation finds him backpacking solo or fishing for steelhead along the Great Lakes tributaries. He is the grateful husband of Barbara, proud father of two Eagle Scouts, and an elder in the Presbyterian church.


For more information about these services and to contact Josh, send a message to jhill@prospectingperformance.com or use our contact form.

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