Josh Hill

Founder, Principal

Trained in

AAISP Member/Expert Panel
KT Problem Solving Decision Making
SPIN/TCS/TAS/Strategic Selling
Certified Change Manager Acuity Institute

Whether Josh is speaking live at your event or in webinar, each title is tailored specifically to target your needs and goals.

Building the Sales Pipeline
Selling to the Executive Suite
Role Play, Role Play, Role Play: Practice Make Perfect (Almost)
Dancing With The Gate Keeper
First Call Execution - Use POGO
Is Your PITCH On Target With The 3 C's?
Pre-call Research: How-to, How Much, How Little?
Metric to Coach To: Outbound Calling

Works every time if you know the “Metrics That Matter.”

Storytelling: Finding Your Voice and Explaining Your Value to VITO
LinkedIn Optimization For Your Brand
Practice Makes Perfect: Team Building Role Play Exercises

Improve your opportunity development, customer service and objection handling skills.

Accountability Commitment and Discipline

Embracing a team manra to “get to your goal.”

Start the First Critical Conversation

Prospecting is the most important activity in your sales organization. Do it better today.